Darrin White, Executive Director, PEI Council of the Arts

“I want to thank you, most sincerely for your time here at the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts. It is with great regret that we see you go . . . you have been a valuable addition to the Council from day one . . . to bring some attention to just one of your many contributions, your input and dedication have been instrumental to our development of new contacts within many of our previously unmet and underserved communities, and your influence will be felt for many years to come.”

Michael Curran, Publisher, Transcontinental Media

“I worked with Laurie for several years . . . as her editor and worked closely with [her] on many projects. Laurie distinguished herself with her fine feature reporting and news reporting. She tackled a diversity of subjects from municipal affairs to arts issues and pure personality pieces. She conducts herself with great professionalism and commitment. I would recommend her for both freelance and staff reporting positions.”

André Gagnon, Board of Directors, The Weekly Journal

“I would like to express our gratitude for your dedication and sustained efforts during the past 12 months. In the midst of fierce competition, you have managed to produce a first-class publication which has been acclaimed as the best weekly of the region.”

Elizabeth Alexander, Programme Coordinator, Cumberland Women’s Institute

“Having just read Laurie McBurney’s article on the Women’s Institutes, I can see why your newspaper earned the award. Laurie did her research for the article very thoroughly . . . the end product was an excellent article on the Women’s Institute movement. It was well-written, comprehensive and entertaining.”

Marie-Josée Lapointe, Director, Communications and Marketing, City of Ottawa

“I thank you for your many years of outstanding service to east end residents through the pages of the Cumberland Communiqué and, more recently, the East End Communiqué.”

Phil McNeely, P.Eng., MPP Ottawa/Orléans

“I was battling Intensive Livestock Operations in my ward in Cumberland in the City of Ottawa, and Laurie provided direction, developed strategy, assisted in presentations, recorded interviews for our use and was in great part responsible for winning a partial victory . . . I first knew Laurie as the editor of the Communiqué, a local newspaper that provided the City of Cumberland with information through coverage of local events and articles by elected officials and community groups . . . I sought Laurie’s advice and writing skills as I moved from [city] councillor to MPP . . . [she] was a great strategist through the nomination and running up the election. First and foremost, Laurie is a good person who was a tremendous community builder . . .”

Dr. Irving Farmer Kennedy, physician and war veteran

“I am not naturally very enthusiastic about publicity, but I was very pleased with your well-balanced story. In particular, your description of Jacob Bronowski’s visit to the concentration camp was superb, emphasizing the whole point to the war.”

Teri Kember, Owner, Loch Murray Dance Studio

“Thank you so much for taking the pictures and writing that wonderful article on the dancers. They are thrilled! That article is being sent to Grammas all over Canada.”

Tammy Schumacher, Manager, Lenscrafters Vision Care Specialists & organizer of the “Give the Gift of Sight” program

“Thank you for your support with our program. I have seen more people dropping off glasses in the past two weeks than I have seen all year. I just did a count and we are up to 1700 pairs – your article has made that possible.”

Marion E. Johnston

“I wanted to let you know that my father of whom you wrote an article in The Star, recently died at the Riverside Hospital. I would also like you to know how much your article meant to my father . . . He had a [framed copy] proudly displayed in his apartment . . . and later it was hung on a wall at the foot of his bed in the Riverside Hospital where he could readily see it. It served as a reminder to him that he was not being forgotten and the nurses were also quite interested to read of his flying career. Thank you again for your interest and caring.”

Brian McGarry, Owner, McGarry Chapels Hulse, Playfair and McGarry

“Just a note of appreciation to say how well-written your article on “Funeral Businesses” recently published in the Ottawa Citizen is. “


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