Just the facts

Welcome to Celtic Communications.

This website belongs to freelancer Laurie McBurney. I write interesting stories on all kinds of subjects. If you’d care to read one, please click on any of the titles over to your right. 

I care about what I do. That’s what sets me apart. My writing is not just a job. It’s a way for me to find out what’s intriguing about my subject and tell other people about it, in an interesting and highly readable fashion.

I’m a good listener. I do exhaustive research. I back up my stories with facts. My writing style makes the subject come alive for readers.

Editors like my work because it rarely requires a rewrite and I get the facts right.

I do lots of other things, too. If you’re interested in all the details, you can review my resume.  If you want just the highlights, please read on.

I speech write. I organize events, like writing competitions, literary festivals and art exhibits. I write newsletters and advertorials. I design political brochures and event programs. I take good pictures.

I do many things well. I predict you will be happy with the results if you accept one of my story pitches or hire me to write for you or to organize your arts event.

Please read my stories and what other people say about my work. If you like what you see, please get in touch.

Thank you for your time.




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